CMS Client Training for WordPress and Drupal

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CMS Client Training for WordPress®, Drupal®, and Joomla® Websites

Learn how to create content for your WordPress website with private CMS client training. One-on-one training is instructor-led interactive online with private and group session available. Learn how to create and edit content.

  • Virtual Interactive live Instructor-Led Training: Drupal®, WordPress®, Joomla®


  • You and the trainer/tutor are looking at the same screen using presentation software.
  • You talk with the instructor by phone, smart phone, or other communication device.
  • You can work in a sandbox site or your site.

Required Software


  1. Download Skype
  2. Create an account with Skype or login with existing account.
  3. Read instructions here on using screensharing
  4. Skype: Will allow us to talk free of charge using our computers.
    **Requires voice and audio capabilities

CMS Client Training Requirements

  1. Make your decision as to who will be editors and who will be authors before you make your training appointment.
  2. Allow at least 45 minutes for training appointments
  3. Complimentary training for clients include two 45 minute sessions.
    Additional sessions are available for fee.
  4. Please let others know you are not to be disturbed.
    If you accept phone calls or take “breaks” during training, your training session will be discontinued and you will be charged the full amount for the training.

Training Session Instructions

  1. Be online using your Skype account 5 minutes before your training appointment begins. Be sure to not CONNECT before your session begins!
  2. Make sure you are logged into Skype and that your audio and voice capabilities are working properly
  3. Navigate your browser to your website.

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    Hi Laura,

    could you please comment in
    We (as in the webmasters) need a working feed for Planet Drupal.

  2. lauramba May 30, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Thank you. I will comment and btw, here is the feed:

  3. Maddie July 16, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    You sure do know your stuff, haha! Anyways, this was very helpful to me and you broke it down in the easiest way possible without being overly detail oriented. Nothing is worse than hearing “Turn your computer on, then right click…” but you obviously understand that not being extremely tech savvy is not a synonym for being from the 19th century. Always a big help!

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