How to Set-Up Email with cPanel

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I provide cPanel software for my clients to manage their server account. cPanel is server administration software that makes it easy to perform the necessary tasks to maintain your server. Many clients want to manage their email accounts and/or want the ability to create, edit, and delete accounts without our assistance.

  • Intended Audience:  Clients with maintenance agreement for hosting
  • Objective: Demonstrate how to create, edit and delete email accounts
  • Critical Information: This does not show HOW to manage your email accounts. That will be presented in a subsequent post.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel account.  Access cPanel by pointing your browser to:  Your user name and password will be provided in your Client User Manual.  The login page should look like the image at the top of this blog post.

Step 2. Navigate to the email section of cpanel. This is the portion in the large green box in the main body of the cPanel home page.  Select “Email Accounts”.  Please avoid making changes to the sections that are blacked out in the image below.[space px=”16″]

Step 3. Complete the information in the red boxes shown in the image below. Enter the first part of your email address in part “A” .  Select your domain name in part “B” and your password in part “C“.  Your email accounts will be listed as they are created.


If you change your cPanel password then I will be preventing from performing certain maintenance responsibilities with your account.


Video on How to Set-Up Email with cPanel



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  1. Maddie July 16, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    The more you know! I don’t know that this will ever apply to me, but I do know that it is good to always prepare for situations in which you may be lost and confused. Very helpful, thank you!

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